Walker Mower Dethatcher Attachment (A10)

Walker Mower Dethatcher Attachment

Quick & Easy Installation

Compatible with Walker models S, C, T, D, and B

Removes Debris and Promotes Efficient Drainage and Lawn Health

Improves Drought Tolerance

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Excellent condition Walker Mower lawn dethatcher attachment for sale. Easy to fit, clip on style deck attachment compatible with Walker Models S, C, T, D, and B.

The Dethatcher on the front of the Walker Mower is the ideal setup to quickly dethatch and mow a property, and is ideal for both residential and commercial users.

When used with the Grass Handling System on Models S, C, T, and D, lawn thatch and debris are lifted, and collected in one pass.

The Dethatcher features front gauge wheels which allow the dethatching tynes to maintain consistent depth on uneven ground. The gauge wheels, combined with improvements like a leading edge spar in the tine tray, redesigned and improved transport latch, folding handle, and incorporated wall mount hooks improve durability and ease of use.

The Dethatcher quickly attaches to the front of 36”, 42”, 48” and 52” Walker gear driven decks with integrated adjustable mounting saddles. A lift lever with foot trigger lowers and raises the Dethatcher for easy transport when driving between lawn areas. Gauge wheels are adjustable to set and tune tine depth. A foldable handle allows for vertical storage, or tied down against a trailer side-wall.

Walker Dethatcher Attachment Manual


40” (102cm) spring tine dethatcher attachment for Walker Mowers

Compatible with Walker Models S, C, T, D, and B

Convenient Clip on Design Attaches to Front of Deck

Lawn Thatch and Debris removed in one action when used with the Walker GHS vacuum

Gauge wheels and hinged frame allow for precision dethatching that closely follows terrain

Lift lever and foot trigger for raising and lowering

Excellent for spring cleaning


Lawn dethatching promotes a more drought tolerant lawn

Removes thick layer of debris and decaying plant material to allow air, water, and nutrients, and fertilizer to reach the soil.

Promotes more efficient soil drainage

Promotes even lawn growth and reduces patching and circular spots of dry and aged grass

Best performed from late October to December, but can be used year round to maintain healthy and well presented lawns

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